Succeeded Fashion bloggers

Succeeded Fashion bloggers

By: laiba salman ali 

‌NEW DELHI :A person who is interested in fashion and expert in fashionista things and who wants to make everyone look fashionable in their surroundings is known as a fashion blogger
its not easy to become a fashion blogger because it is not easy to hold a camera in the market and in front of soo many people sometimes it seems very interesting but in reality it is really embarrassing and the one who is holding a camera and telling about that feels very nervous because everyone was stirring at him/her and she/he feels that they are doing something wrong or stealing something ……

‌But only fewer people gets succeeded in fashion blogging and some of them fails because they cant tollirate these things and in the end they says to themself that “its all enough i cannot do this anymore and lets move on
please watch this video

‌But the one who gets success and did not stops themselves and carry on in their work have been become a famous and rich fashion blogger of youtube
‌In the end we thought two lessons that the one who wants to do something with all his passion had done something big today and the one who just leave it loosely and did not try his best cannot do anything in life…
‌Second thing ::: we learn that people will say what they want they will never stops gossiping ….
But you have to move on without listening to them and do you love dont care of the people and
…carry on in your life…
Because life is what
You make it nor anyone else ….

photo courtesy telegraphindia